Charity Care Eligibility Determination E-mail

The ChallengeImage

The self pay accounts receivable is demanding in nature; requiring more of a cost investment due to the need of manpower with less of a return on investment.  The problem is compounded when the uninsured and under insured population is not properly identified for Charity Care eligibility as the appropriate financial classification.

Our Solution and Approach

The PF Concept’s team screens each patient for eligibility into the appropriate payment source, and those eligible for the New Jersey Hospital Care Payment Assistance Program (Charity Care) are assisted in a dignified and customer service friendly manner. Our bi-lingual community advisory staff provides the patient with a full service approach to resolving their financial obligations to the hospital provider. Complete application assistance is provided, including assistance with the acquisition of all needed documents. All of these related steps of assistance are provided to the patient on a full customer service basis; we travel to the residency of the patient.

Typical Improvement Include:

  • Decreases in  Self Pay Accounts Receivable
  • Increases in Patient and Customer Satisfaction
  • Decreases in Bad Debt Write Offs and related expenses
  • Subsidized Reimbursement
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