Self Pay Receivables Management E-mail

The ChallengeImage

The uninsured and underinsured are reaching all time highs; hospitals can not rely on the collection agency alone to collect these receivable dollars. Many of these dollars represent the deductibles, co-pays, and out of pocket expenses due to limited coverage, or no coverage. The patient responsible balances have become more and more difficult to collect. This is due to the investment of more manpower to do the needed telephone contacts, responses to the array of correspondence, incoming telephone inquiries and walk-ins. The returned mail from the statement mailings also needs to be reviewed, with the necessary actions to be taken to update the patients’ accounts. 

Our Approach and Solution

PF Concepts has designed concrete principles that will give the staff an understanding of the importance of prioritizing the resolution of the self pay receivables.  PF Concepts can provide clients with the tools they need to maximize the collections of their self pay receivables, while maintaining a consistent work flow. Our management team specializes and offers extensive knowledge and techniques to assist the client with this mounting difficulty.  We will assist in putting the appropriate controls in place that will benefit the client and also service the patients. PF Concepts will conduct and facilitate an on site comprehensive review of your current processes, procedures and the staff compliment; providing the need resolutions to all appropriate discoveries. The diversified follow up and monitoring tools designed as a product to this service can be effectively utilized on an in sourced or out sourced basis. PF Concepts can accommodate the out sourced activities through its Customer Service Call Center.

Typical Improvements include

  • Patient cash acceleration
  • Reduced collection agency fees
  • Reduced bad debts and all related expenses
  • Improved follow up controls
  • Decreases in self pay receivables
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