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Healthcare organizations are faced with the dilemma of training and sometimes retraining staff; they also face the challenges of improving and sustaining quality customer service. The industry struggles with finding a balance between training and developing staff without disrupting daily operations or effecting cash flow.

The ultimate satisfaction of our clients is a requirement of our corporate objective.


Our Approach to the Solution

With a diversified management team that is experienced in Patient Financial Service and customer service, PF Concepts will adapt a training program tailored to suit the needs of the organization’s core values, philosophies and services.



Our specialists work hard at providing and implementing excellent customer service behavior throughout the Patient Financial Services areas. PF Concepts focuses on staff development and quality customer service that provide the foundation needed to maintain consistency.


We Accomplish this Through:

  • Conducting a proactive review of existing Patient Financial Services departmental operations, procedures, and staff compliment

  • Assessing the registration processes and the affects upon the billing and follow up functions

  • Reviewing patient wait times, from their arrival into the area, until the service is completed

  • Assessing the staff’s operational understanding and their related performance throughout the department

  • Review possible incentive programs to motivated staff and their participation

The ultimate satisfaction of our clients is a requirement of our corporate objective.

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