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The number of uninsured population in New Jersey as f 2014 averages 15.5 percent of the population, keeping in mind this number is higher if you take into account the number of uninsured and underinsured that are below the poverty level. Healthcare providers are presented with cash flow issues, as well as staffing that is stretched beyond the limits of reasonability.

Outsourcing of the Self Pay responsibilities has become the resolution of choice.


Our approach to the solution

Leveraging the network of our dedicated in house specialists; PF Concepts will design a program to meet your specific outsourcing needs. We offer related services with insurance verification, third party denials and follow up, and a full service in house management of the self pay accounts receivable. PF Concepts increases profit margins by the successful liquidation of accounts. This allows your staff to focus on other accounts receivables matters.

PF Concepts conducts all business in the name of the provider and manages all related actions for the specific accounts assigned. We also provide the facility with an on-site account lead that is responsible to perform all of the coordinating daily duties for the assigned work scope. We become the seamless and valued business partner of the provider.

Typical improvements include:

  • Increased Self Pay cash

  • Medicaid discoveries and  payments

  • Third Party Insurance discoveries and  payments

  • Additional Charity Care eligible services

The ultimate satisfaction of our clients is a requirement of our corporate objective.

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