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Will Garcia


Will Garcia has been PF Concepts President since starting the company in 2004.  Will has over 30 years of experience in leading Pt. Access, Pt. Financial Service and Revenue Cycle projects.  Will’s passion for helping people in need is the foundation for the business and drives his desire to help client’s financial success.  PF Concepts was founded on the values of dedication to quality and integrity and that continues to be the focus of the organization today.  Will is a performance driven, goal oriented, strategic executive that builds high performance cross-departmental teams through effective leadership, management, development, and motivation.  Will has worked for many Hospitals as Director, Pt. Access, and Patient Financial Services, in addition to several interim and consulting roles.  Since forming the company, Will has help his clients improve their financial performance through creatively designing Pt Financial Service projects, including on-site, off-site, field service and most recently near shore teams.  PF Concepts recent creation of PFC Honduras has positioned the company to further assist its client’s and the patients they serve.  Will is a long-time member of AAHAM and HFMA.  Will is also a board member of several organizations in the Paterson, NJ community dedicated to the helping its citizens improve their educational and spiritual lives.  Will has participated in multiple mission trips to Honduras to help those in need.

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Brian Snedeker

VP of AR Services

Brian is the VP of AR Services for PF Concepts and brings over 35 years of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Experience to the organization.  Brian’s experience ranges from his early years as a weekend Patient Access representative for a Hospital in Mineola, NY, where he found his passion for healthcare, to Senior level executive positions responsible for Health Care Revenue Cycle Operations and Client Services.  Brian has senior level management experience in revenue cycle for Hospitals in NY and NJ, as well as successfully managing numerous revenue cycle outsourcing operations in the U.S, Mexico, Honduras and India.  Brian spent 13 years with Genpact where he initially led their Revenue Cycle Operations group, until taking on the role of VP of Client Services.  After leaving Genpact, Brian was the SVP of Revenue Cycle Operations at Aergo Solutions, responsible for the implementation of its SaaS workflow system as well as its Revenue Cycle Operations in NJ and Tennessee.  Brian has successfully driven improved financial results for clients in both the front end and back end of revenue cycle operations.  Brian has an MBA from California State University in Sacramento and a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration from Ithaca College.  Brian is an active member of HFMA, an avid golfer, music minister and is a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers.

Robert Pineiro PF Concepts NJ.jpg

Robert Pineiro

Chief Administrative Officer

Robert is PF Concept’s Chief Administrative officer responsible for all the Finance, Human Resources and Administrative Departments.  Robert has over 40 years of business expertise as a private business owner of a Tax and Accounting Firm in addition to several consulting roles.  Robert and his team served clients in the tri-state area (including PF Concepts), and around the country, providing full-service accounting and a wide range of corporate, trusts and individual tax services.  Robert shares the corporate vision of assisting clients and the patients they service through dedication to quality and integrity.  Robert shares that vision in his private life as well and has served his church as an associate pastor for the last 18 years. Robert enjoys camping, skiing, biking, and playing all the major sports.  

Edgardo Figueroa PF Concepts NJ.jpg

Edgardo Figueroa

Client Operations
ior Manager

Edgardo is PF Concepts Senior Manager - Client Operations leader and has over 15 years of experience meeting and exceeding client deliverables.  Edgardo has driven client results through his dedication to not only the client, but the patients our clients serve.  Edgardo, through extensive knowledge of eligibility requirements and application processes, takes a personal approach in helping clients and their patients identify insurance programs to assist them in a time of need. Edgardo began his career in a large urban Hospital in New Jersey and was quickly promoted to a management role.  Edgardo has obtained certification as a CRCR and Insurance Navigator.  Edgardo’s passion is seeing his clients succeed through process improvement, employee training, professional development, and superior client service.  In his spare time, Edgardo enjoys sports and physical fitness.

Leo PF Concepts NJ.jpg

Leo has been with PF Concepts for 8 years in various management roles.  Leo is currently Senior Manager responsible for PF Concept’s Call Center and Client Support Operations.  Leo is well versed in call center state-of-the-art technology and managing operations to exceed industry standards and client satisfaction.  Leo has been in healthcare revenue cycle services for over 25 years in both Hospital and Healthcare Outsourcing operations with a focus on Pt. Access and Pt. Financial Services.  Leo has led insurance eligibility, call center and registration teams consistently driving improved performance, customer satisfaction and productivity.  Leo also enjoys physical fitness and helping others achieve their goals.

Leo Cortes
Call Center
Senior Manager

Greg  Dondero
Business Development

Sales Executive

Greg joined the PF Concepts sales team in 2023 and brings over 25 years of business development experience in the healthcare industry.  A highly motivated and accomplished sales leader, Greg’s expertise in the areas of revenue cycle management, value-based reimbursement and health information technology has helped his clients improve their efficiency and financial success.  Greg excels in complex selling environments, skillfully analyzing, cost justifying and transferring customer needs and requirements into value-add business solutions.  A highly regarded team player, Greg is adept at working with cross functional teams to find the best solutions for complex issues.  Greg is an active member of both HFMA and AAHAM.  Greg also enjoys restoring cars and traveling in his spare time.

Greg PF Concepts NJ.jpg

Eric Pineiro

Business Development

Sales Executive

Eric Pineiro is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial clarity of vision and instincts have brought multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth. Prior to joining the PF Concepts team, he obtained over 30 years of expertise specialized in business and has been unstoppable ever since. From sales, business development and revenue cycle specialist he continues to prove his success. Eric owned multiple profitable businesses with many achievements in growth and efficiency.  At PF Concepts Eric can quickly identify areas of opportunity and team up with key stakeholders to implement process improvements. Erics ability to excel in process improvement strategies and collaboration to optimize patient satisfaction and financial performance is an asset to our affiliates and our company. Eric is passionate about the community prioritizing their health over the unknown of finances in the healthcare industry.

Eric PF Concepts NJ.jpg
Shaheedah PF Concepts NJ.jpg

Shaheedah joined PF Concepts in 2022 and quickly became a valuable asset in all of the company’s accounting functions.  With over 8 years of accounting experience, Shaheedah is now responsible for Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Accounting.  Shaheedah graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Sociology with a minor in Accounting. In addition to her work at PF Concepts, Shaheedah is active in her community as a Treasurer for a non-profit organization that serves at risk women and their families.  In her spare time Shaheedah enjoys visiting museums, watching sports and traveling.

Shaheedah Dunn

Financial Accounting

Madison PF Concepts NJ copy.jpg

Madison joined PF Concepts HR department in 2020.  Madison is responsible for recruiting, onboarding, and employee relations, in addition to maintaining PF Concept’s HR platform. Madison has a Bachelors of Science in Accountancy from Liberty University and worked for an Accounting Agency prior to joining PF Concept’s.  Madison’s diverse background in Accounting and Human Resources makes her an invaluable asset to the PF Concepts Administrative Team.  In her spare time, Madison enjoys movies, music and spending time with family.

Madison Pineiro

HR Specialist

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